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**May, 2016 We are currently looking for a distributor in Queensland**

May 2016  – We are now selling online 100% pure Beeswax in 400g blocks.

April 2016 –Our website can now accept Credit Card payments

March 2016 –Complete new website! Use the contact us page to give us any feedback

April 2015 –The honey shortage in Australia is still keeping honey prices high

December 2014 –Our honey is now no longer avaliable at Coles.

September 2014 –Unfortunately due to a severe honey shortage all across Australia we have had to increase our prices.

July 2014 –Our Floral variety (formally Quality) is now temporarily available at Coles in 500g jars.

April 2014 –We now sell our Quality line online which is the same honey that goes into our 680g Value Pack.

March 2014 –Archibald Honey is unfortunately no longer available from Woolworths in Queensland and Northern NSW. You can however continue to order online directly from our website.

June 2010 –Archibald Honey’s 100% Australian honey varieties are now available online in a 1kg size.

January 2010 –The Archibald Honey web site has been re-designed and it now gives you the option of buying premium 100% Australian honey online.

June 2006 –We have just released a brand new product that is exclusive to Safeway/Woolworths. It is a 680g Value Pack, the label may look different but it’s still Archibald’s 100% Pure Australian Honey

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Like a broken record Capilano have told us that their Capilano branded honey is 100 percent Australian honey and their subsidiary brands only contain imported ingredients. Here clearly displayed on the Capilano brand is the words imported from Argentina. Www.choice.com.au recently went into bat for Capilano honey. Capilano sells honey under a number of brands, and McKee tells us the origin of the honey in each does differ."All Capilano-branded honey sold in Australia is 100% Australian honey"I think it would have been better written"Sometimes Capilano branded honey is 100percent Australian" or "From now on because of the savethebeesaustralia campaign we have decided our Capilano branded will only be 100 percent Australian honey".Please if you are overseas check if the Capilano branded honey if it is labelled with imported Ingredients. If so please send it through a photo of the label and what country your are in. You may had thought you were buying Australian honey. You may have been buying a Chinese blend. Chinese honey has been banned in Europe and America . Capilano Ltd have taken court orders on the journalist Shane Dowling ( www.kangaroocourtofaustralia.com )and myself to try to silence us.Please buy from a brand that does not import honey Beechworth, Peninsula ,Archibald .Or better still buy direct use the honeymap.goo.gl/5Av8voPetitiongoo.gl/VaAm3IPlease share , sharing will savethebees

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