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Archibald Honey producing and packing only 100% Pure Australian Honey


September 2014 - Unfortunately due to a severe honey shortage all across Australia we have had to increase our prices.

July 2014 - Our Floral variety (formally Quality) is now available at Coles in 500g jars.

April 2014 - We now sell our Quality line online which is the same honey that goes into our 680g Value Pack.

March 2014 - Archibald Honey is unfortunately no longer available from Woolworths in Queensland and Northern NSW. You can however continue to order online directly from our website.

June 2010 - Archibald Honey's 100% Australian honey varieties are now available online in a 1kg size.

January 2010 - The Archibald Honey web site has been re-designed and it now gives you the option of buying premium 100% Australian honey directly over the internet.

June 2006 - We have just released a brand new product that is exclusive to Safeway/Woolworths. It is a 680g Value Pack, the label may look different but it's still Archibald's 100% Pure Australian Honey.