Red Gum 1kg bucket

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Red Gum

Produced from beautiful, majestic Red Gum trees, so often depicted in Australian artworks. Among the many varieties of this tree, River Red Gum is predominant for honey production.

Mostly growing in the pristine outback river courses where they get flooded periodically Beekeepers prize a Red Gum honey flow, as it produces pollen & nectar, which in turn, produces healthy, strong breeding hives.

Honeys vary in their density, according to variety; Red Gum is usually a very dense honey.

This honey has its own unique flavour, a superb Australian table Honey. A little less sweet than Yellow Box with a subtle sharpness to tempt a discerning palate.

Archibald’s Red Gum is 100% Pure Australian Honey

River Red Gum

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions160 x 160 x 150 mm


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