Stringy Bark 3kg bucket

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Stringy Bark

There are many varieties of Stringy Bark trees, all slightly different, but we pack them all under the one label. The predominant species being Red Stringy Bark (Eucalyptus Macrorhynhca). These trees are named after their characteristic deep fissured fibrous bark – unlike our smooth barked gum trees.

Stringy Bark honey is a stronger, darker honey which is the honey of choice for many of our customers. As well as being a good table honey, it is very good for cooking with – extra flavour and it froths naturally when heated – lighter cakes! Honey is a very slow candying honey. (excellent keeping qualities)

Archibald’s Stringy Bark is 100% Pure Australian Honey

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions200 x 200 x 200 mm


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